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  • Adrian Banger (it rhymes with Manger or Danger!) is a coach, trainer and consultant with a passion for helping individuals and organisations realise their potential. Read Adrian's full professional profile here. In his spare time he Chairs the Cumbrian Coaching Network, tends his beautiful garden and has been known to enjoy a glass of fine wine of an evening.

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  • The Paradigm Partnership
    A virtual consultancy of experienced executives dedicated to helping individuals and organisations develop the ways of thinking necessary for peak performance.

  • Scurvy Elephants Society
    Connecting and inspiring Agents of Change throughout the world.

  • People Success Solutions
    Helping you really make your people your greatest asset.

  • Cumbria Coaching Network
    Supporting Coach development and promoting the benefits of professional coaching.

  • BBi Coaching
    Providing coaching, support and advice for people with Asperger's and their families.

  • SPC Associates

    Enabling excellence in managers and leaders.

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John NLP Derrick

Great article.

I certainly can attest to the fact that the mind and the body are linked and that if the mind is re-programmed, the results can be seen and felt in the body.

NLP is great. I am becomming a big fan!

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