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  • Adrian Banger (it rhymes with Manger or Danger!) is a coach, trainer and consultant with a passion for helping individuals and organisations realise their potential. Read Adrian's full professional profile here. In his spare time he Chairs the Cumbrian Coaching Network, tends his beautiful garden and has been known to enjoy a glass of fine wine of an evening.

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Hi Adrian

I love this game! Here's my list...

- Mahatma Gandhi - for his wisdom, love, spiritual energy and, of course, some amazing stories.

- Martin Luther King - to thank him for what his work has done for society and to be inspired by stories of persistence and vision.

- Emmeline Pankhurst - as Martin.

- Albert Einstein - to talk about quantum physics

- Dawn French - to lighten things up and keep the boys in check

And we need music and more laughter, so...

- my beloved Andreas!

Apparently Einstein was a huge fan of Gandhi, so it would be lovely to be able to hook those guys up. Emmeline would, I'm sure approve of both Martin and Dawn. And if the conversation got too high-brow for me, I'd encourage Dawn and Andreas to be silly with me!

Einstein, Gandhi, Andreas and I are all vegetarians. I don't know about the others - but hope they would be open to a veggie feast!

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